Broken dam Village Head Muaro Jambi, Taufiq US when it was confirmed on Saturday, 21/05/2016 / 12.37WIB related efforts sand suction Broken dam in the village which is one of the heritage area of the temple site Muaro jambi said, “he has refused to allow the business at first but once held village meetings, the community took the decision to keep the business running vacuuming sand although the village head has heard their circular which says that there are eight villages in the category of cultural heritage area. Simultaneously he added, that the chairman of the Village Consultative Body (BPD), Bujang Alamin Alias Bujang Belur willing to guarantee and if there are journalists, NGOs and law enforcers ask the court for sand mining, please contact him and see him, he said to Insan the press on Saturday, 21 / 05/2016. The agreement was made in an official report signed by the head of the village as well as the stamp affixed by reason of the contribution from the company, he said.

While in Government Regulation No. 32 Year 2009 Article 47 explains, “Article 47 (1) Every business and / or activities that could potentially have a significant impact on the environment, threats to ecosystems and life, and / or human health and safety shall analyze environmental risks.
When asked further turns TEBAT PATAH in the village there is a great tool that suck the sand with a suction capacity of about 1000 cubic per day. The business is taken care of by the villagers of Broken dam named Mirin and Alias Alamin Bujang Bujang Belur. Furthermore, the results in the form of sand suction according recognition village chief, US Taufiq sent to another province. Business owners suction sand large capacity is owned by PT Central Cipta Naga is located at Jalan Yos Sudarso 168 number Subdistrict Regency Park Rajo Muaro 36419. owner called by name and Rudi aso.
Indicated PT Central Cipta Naga allegedly been exploiting sand in the Batang Hari River starting in 2002, according to the confession Mirin, “wah, was long before knowing local heritage area, he concluded. ** Har ***


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