Party Principal SMK Muara Jambi hold 10 charges the cost of organizing the school to the students from grade 1 to grade 3.

While the total students is 253 students.

When confirmed on Sunday, 08/05/2016 / approximately at 17.37WIB, Abdul Manap, SE admitted that he had picked up the cost of education to the students on the basis of the approval of the school committee while the status of the school is the property of the District Government of Muara Jambi.

Meanwhile, as the Government Regulation No. 48 of 2008 clearly outlines that levies and / or donations of any kind nature is not pushy and not burdensome and should be handled by a public accountant and published to the public through the mass media.

In that case, Abdul Manap, SE did not publish all the mass media as well as ordered and / or request a public accountant to manage it. Providing education financing charges amounting to Rp.75.000 per student, which began in 2013 ago. In addition, the Principal Abdul Manap, SE had provided answers to questions to the students when dealing with the UN (National Examination)

Deeds Principal SMK Muara Jambi 10 obviously been straddling the Government Regulation No. 48 Year 2008.

A number of people from students’ parents requested that the principal SMK Muara Jambi 10 prosecuted. *** 007 ***