Indonesian Armed Forces Target 200 Hectare Rice Planting

Indonesian Army (AD) says it is ready to plant 200 thousand hectares of rice fields in 2016. It was delivered by Chief of Army Staff (Chief of Staff) Gen. Mulyono in the event the prime planting of rice varieties on the land Kartika 1-82 Dem Area Military Command I / BB in Ramunia village, District Banyan, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, on Wednesday (12/23/2015).
“Our target is to help the Ministry of Agriculture, next year it was 200 thousand hectares,” said Mulyono.
Mulyono asserted, to achieve this target, the entire military command and staff will be involved. The entire military command in Indonesia, he added, was ordered to inventory lands can be empowered to achieve the target of 200 thousand hectares of rice fields.
“All of Indonesia, the entire military command-military command. In Merauke already, South Sumatra, East Nusa Tenggara, including North Sumatra, all the lines we have put into menginvetarisir land that we can develop,” he said back.
Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman appreciate the military program. Moreover, continued Amran, TNI utilizing the latest technology.
“The seeds newly discovered TNI itself, namely Mr. Widagdo, named Kartika 182 with productivity of 11.2 tonnes per hectare,” said Amran.
“One hundred hectares per one village or one Babinsa it, if 52,000 means 5 thousand hectares. If the increase of 3 tons alone was 15 million tons,” he said.
Kartika prime planting 182 varieties of rice is done with modern agricultural mechanism and pattern semiorganik. Rice was planted in an area of ​​106 hectares. *** *** Haposan*** Lanjutkan membaca “Indonesian Armed Forces Target 200 Hectare Rice Planting”